Real Debrid A Beginners Guide - Strong IPTV (2024)

In this beginner’s guide, we will be explaining what real debrid is and what it can do, as well as what devices real debrid can be installed on and tips.

When using RealDebrid for movies and TV shows for flawless streaming make sure you pair that up with the best IPTV provider which is also flawless and freeze-free by clicking the link below.

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is a great multi-hosting service that helps optimize streaming services such as Movies and TV show apps to make sure you get a buffer-free experience.

Real Debrid does this by using its own 56 hosts to play movie links from instead of the scraped URLs that the movie app or Kodi finds, meaning you get no buffering or freezing when using Real Debrid.

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  • Anti-vries technologie
  • Meer dan 60.000+ wereldwijde IPTV-kanalen
  • Meer dan 300.000 VOD-inhoud
  • Streamkwaliteit van 4K, 1080p, 720p en SD
  • Snelle ondersteuning
  • Werkt op alle apparaten

No matter if you are streaming 1080p or even 4K (if your internet is the correct speed) when using Real Debrid it will always make sure that you can watch your movies, Kodi, etc without a hiccup which is always the best kind of streaming experience.

What Does Real Debrid Cost?

Here are the latest prices for Real Debrid in 2023.

Heb je er genoeg van dat IPTV vastloopt? Krijg het beste met Strong IPTV!

  • Anti-vries technologie
  • Meer dan 60.000+ wereldwijde IPTV-kanalen
  • Meer dan 300.000 VOD-inhoud
  • Streamkwaliteit van 4K, 1080p, 720p en SD
  • Snelle ondersteuning
  • Werkt op alle apparaten
  • 7 Days –$4.5
  • 15 Days –$6.9
  • 30 Days –$7.9
  • 90 Days –$16.9
  • 180 Days –$25.5
  • 360 Days –$41.9

Real Debrid used to be free but due to the cost of keeping the high-end servers running on the developer’s side, they had to start offering pricing subscriptions.

Luckily the price is still very low to get a subscription and certainly won’t break the bank.

Real Debrid has different subscription prices in 2023 thatstart at €4 ($4 USD) but can reach as high as €42 ($41 USD) for a twelve-month plan.

The cost of Real Debrid is very good for the service you get when it comes to streaming movie-based content or Kodi addons.

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What Are The Main Benefits Of Using Real Debrid

When you purchase a premium-based subscription from Real Debrid you can enjoy all these great benefits and features below:

  • High-speed downloads up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps).
  • Stream using a web browser (New HTML5 format).
  • RSDF, DLC, CCF decrypter.
  • Compatible with chrome, firefox plugins, and JDownloader plugins.
  • No ads or waiting times to deal with.
  • Parallel downloads running simultaneously.
  • Use multiple hosts from just one website.
  • Encrypted AES secure downloads.
  • Download accelerators support.

There are also many more benefits with using Real Debrid you can enjoy so always make sure you look to get the premium subscription package to enjoy all the features mentioned and more.

How To Sign Up For RealDebrid

If you want to take out Real Debrid and sync up your free movie apps or Kodi extensions to enjoy a freeze-free experience then you will first need to sign up and choose a subscription plan from Real Debrid.

You will not be able to directly buy a subscription package from the official real debrid website so you will need to use a reseller from which you can buy a subscriptionherefor the Real Debrid service.

Once you have the premium Real Debrid service you can easily add your username and password to whichever device and app you are using that is Real Debrid enabled.

Also, you can use Real Debrid successfully with many Kodi add-ons and have Kodi working as it should (like it was back in 2014).

Real Debrid A Beginners Guide - Strong IPTV (1)

STERKE IPTV-TIP:Voordat u zich op dit pad begeeft, is het belangrijk om te begrijpen dat deze applicaties van derden niet zijn doorgelicht door een vertrouwde bron.

Daarom raden wij aan altijd eenVPNdie uw verbinding met internet versleutelt wanneer u deze verschillende streaming APK's en add-ons gebruikt.

What Devices Can I Use With Real Debrid

With real debrid more being a service that is attached to apps or Kodi you can run on most devices such as:

  • Amazon Firestick
  • FireTV
  • Android TV-box
  • Android Smart TV
  • iOS Devices
  • Windows-pc
  • MacBook
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Linux
  • Smartphone
  • Tablets
  • And many more devices

It is not really about which devices will RealDebrid work on but more about which apps have RealDebrid functionality which we will cover below.

Zie onze gids overWhat To Do If Kodi Is Not Working In 2024 – How To Fix.

What Apps Work With Real Debrid

After testing Real Debrid for some time we have compiled a list of the best apps that are realdebrid enabled.

  • Syncler
  • Viva TV
  • FilmPlus
  • Nova TV
  • BeeTV
  • TeaTV

These are just some of the movie and TV show free apps we have tested Real Debrid on and all worked fine.

We also used this on Kodi and here is a list of Kodi add-ons with which Real Debrid works well.

  • Asguard
  • The Oath
  • The Boys
  • Venom
  • Seren
  • The Crew
  • Revolution

So if you are using Kodi with Real Debrid you can be sure all the above add-ons and builds will work perfectly fine with Real Debrid.

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Real Debrid FAQ

How Much Does Real Debrid Cost?

In 2023 Real Debridstart at €4 ($4 USD) but can reach as high as €42 ($41 USD) for a twelve-month plan.

Can I Use Different IP Addresses While Using Real Debrid?

No, you must make sure you are using just the one IP address but you can use Real Debrid on as many devices as you want at the same time as long as they are on the same IP address.

What Encryption Does Real Debrid Use?

Real Debrid uses the encryption AES when it’s downloading streaming content for flawless playback.


Real Debrid service you must get if you watch movies and TV shows on free platforms as this will make sure you never run into any buffering or links down that interrupt your VOD streaming experience.

If you enjoyed our Real Debrid Beginners Guide be sure to give it a quick share.

Real Debrid A Beginners Guide - Strong IPTV (2024)
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