Sandworm Relic (2024)

1. Sandworn Relic - Item - World of Warcraft - Wowhead

  • Acquired from certain enemies and chests in the Endless Sands. Trade these to Elder Rafiq in Pilgrim's Grace in exchange for powerful equipment." Max Stack: 250 ...

  • It is looted and a quest reward. In the Other Items category. Added in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Always up to date with the latest patch.

2. Item Level 246 Gear Purchasable with Sandworn Relics in Zereth Mortis

  • Jan 15, 2022 · Each piece costs a significant amount of Sandworn Relic, Sandworn Relics can currently be obtained by killing Rares in Zereth Mortis (3-6 Relics ...

  • The latest Eternity's End PTR build has updated the Broker transmog gear source. The gear is now obtainable from a separate vendor and has no requirements to purchase them, besides the token costs!

3. What ARE Sandworn Relics for? - Blizzard Forums

4. Sandworn Relic - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

  • Missing: sandworm | Show results with:sandworm

  • Sandworn Relics can be used to purchase equipment from Elder Rafiq in Pilgrim's Grace.

5. Guide: What is Sandworn Relics and how to farm it

  • Jan 9, 2022 · 1) The Sandworn Chest ... This chest is located on 60.90, 37.85,in Zereth Mortis, behind the pyramid. This chest can be obtained once per day.

  • Sandworn Relic is a currency used in Zereth Mortis to buy 246 ilvl gear. Check out how to buy that gear here:

6. Category:Relics - Fallen Sword Wiki

7. Relic of Ka-Snek - AQ3D Wiki

  • Location: Hidden Tomb Price: N/A. Dropped by: Great Sand Worm · Greater Mummy · Mummy · Ka-Snek · Ka-Snek the Eternal · Zobekian Tomb Raider.

8. Relic of Extinction - Cards - Hearthstone - HearthPwn

  • Giant Sand Worm, Minion, Hunter, 8, 8, 8. Mysterious Rune, Ability, Mage, 3, 0, 0. Ley Lines, Hero Power, 0, 0, 0. Red Mana Wyrm, Minion, 5, 2, 6. Kabal Demon ...

  • Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more!

9. Desert Scourge - Official Calamity Mod Wiki

  • Dec 1, 2023 · Desert Scourge Relic(In Master or Revengeance Mode only). 100%. Revengeance Mode.

  • "...There is always a bigger fish in the sea."

10. WoW Hotfixes July 28th: Sandworn Relics - Warcraft Tavern

  • Sandworn Relics are now bound on account. About the Author. Spannah. Long time World of Warcraft player ...

  • Small set of changes with the most notable one being Sandworn Relics becoming account bound.

11. Security News • The Register

  • Sandworm's Kyivstar attack should serve as a reminder of the Kremlin crew's ... New Relic's cyber-something revealed as attack on staging systems, some users.

  • Latest news and insight on information security and IT defenses

12. 2024 & Beyond - DCS World

  • 16 hours ago · DCS: The Museum Relic Campaign · DCS: UH-1H Argo Campaign · DCS: UH-1H ... DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm · DCS: F-15C The Georgian War Сampaign ...

  • 05 January 2024

Sandworm Relic (2024)
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